Our Home Video Rescue Service:

Are you looking to convert tapes to digital? We’ve been digitising tapes for over 20 years.  We are honoured 🙏 to have converted thousands & thousands of videos for families all across Australia, not just throughout Sydney.  Our video conversion services include:

  • Digital Conversion – We convert tapes to digital files, which you can download & share & we can also transfer them to premium USB or DVD
  • Repair broken and damaged VHS & camera tapes
  • Clean tapes that have mould
  • Video Editing

Digital Conversion Service

  • Transfer tape to USB (Up to 6hr tapes)
  • Convert tapes to digital file & share for free
  • Transfer tape to DVD (upto 4 hours – no extra cost)
  • Transfer Betamax to digital
  • 8mm tapes to digital
  • Hi8 tapes to digital
  • Digital 8 tapes to digital
  • Mini DV to digital
  • Convert audio cassette to digital file
Camera tapes to digital

Mould on Tape - Removal

When tapes (video or camera) are not stored correctly, they run the high risk of having moisture settle within the tape. Over each hot long summer, the moisture & bacteria turn into mould.
White spores grow on the tape & needless to say, this is quite concerning not only for the health of those people handling the tape, but also for it’s audio & video quality.
When left, the spores crystalise and dry the tape up, making it very difficult, if not impossible to reverse.
Act quickly when you see white spores on your tape.

Fix Broken & Damaged Tape

Tapes are fairly resilient things.  They can handle being knocked around & dropped, however the way in which they have been stored will have a tremendous impact on their resilience.  

They will be prone to tape snapping and tearing. They can become brittle or stuck to their casing. In which case, could lead to the tape breaking or becoming damaged.  

We rescue these tapes all the time & can restore most of them to their former glory for transferring to digital.

Broken VHS Tape - Fix

Arrange your tape collection

Throughout Australia, if you have tapes that you would like transferred to digital or even want to transfer your tapes to DVD, discover our simple pricing & deliver your tapes or arrange a collection. We are the best value transfer service throughout the county.