Free Digital Access

Watch your home videos anywhere & anytime.
Safely share them with others.

Free Online Digital Access with every order.

At Home Video Rescue, when we transfer tapes to DVD or USB, we also include 30 days FREE online Digital Access. 

No more copies

With FREE Online Digital Access, you can share your videos with others so that they can watch & download them.  Just flick them the link.

This saves you time & money making copies for family & friends.

Watch your videos anywhere!

With FREE Online Digital Access, you or anyone you choose, can securely watch your videos from any where in the world & on any modern device with just a simple click.

Everyone should have a backup

Having free online digital access also gives USB and DVD customers piece of mind knowing that their tapes are safely backed up, should anything unfortunate happen.

Don’t worry, your videos are safely stored on highly secure servers across multiple fault zones with 99.9% durability. They couldn’t be any safer.

Preserving your treasured home movies is easy as 1,2,3.

1. You drop off/send in

Drop off, post or use our courier to deliver your tapes to our digitising studio.

2. We convert tapes to digital

Our in-house trained technicians will transfer each tape to digital files, keeping you updated along the way.

3. You re-live & enjoy

We'll arrange to return your tapes & your USB or DVD's & send a secure link to digitally access your files in the cloud.

Don't just take our word for it.

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Video Transfers Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, neither are we. We guarantee that we will resolve any issue.

Common Questions

Home Video Rescue has the most advanced equipment, highly skilled technicians & affordable & simple prices.  All video transfers are done in our studio which ensures the highest quality control.

Don’t worry! Your order is in safe hands with Home Video Rescue. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

We use door to door tracking services & have developed a “best practices” standard when handling treasured analog tapes. Home Video Rescue has never lost a tape or damaged an order. You can trust us to safely digitise your order.

This is a very common situation & 99% of all our customers fall into this category. When we convert your tapes to digital, they are placed into the Home Vide Rescue online account where you can easily log in, view your tapes and label them accordingly. It’s really fast and very simple so you don’t need to watch your tapes ahead of time and put them in a particular order.

If you send your order in via post or using our door to door service, we will email you once your box arrives. This offers peace of mind to our customers.

When your order begins, you will receive an SMS from us & within a few days, your order will be complete & ready to be returned.

When it comes to transferring your tapes to digital, we have the fastest turn-a-round times in the business. Most of our orders are processed within 5-7 days. During the busiest parts of the year, these times can extend to 14 days.


Home Video Rescue has been digitising tapes since 2000. The journey began in the transfers department of Network Ten were copying hundreds of tapes a day was not uncommon. And after many years of tape digitising, we know exactly what it takes to get a perfect video transfer.

Since then, in our own business we have transferred hundreds of thousands of video hours to DVD & USB & helped tens of thousands of Australian families rewatch life. 

From VHS tapes & Betamax tapes, to tapes from analog cameras like 8mm & Hi8 & into the digital realm of Digital8 and miniDV, we transfer all of these tapes to digital files, preserving the past forever.

If you would like to transfer your tapes to digital files, it doesn’t matter where in Australia you are, simply drop in, post or have our courier collect your tapes & let us bring them in the new century & convert them to digital.

Digital Download

Free with every order

  • Instant download to your pc or mac
  • Accessed from any smart device
  • Easy to share with family & friends
  • Safe & secure cloud storage
  • Available free for 30 days